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Apologetic Resources

Want to take a trip to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum with FWC Apologetics?

One of the greatest experiences and learning opportunities for children and adults alike is a visit to the Ark Encounter and creation museum in Kentucky. The Ark Encounter is a full scale recreation of Noah's Ark with a three level Museum inside to teach people the truth of Biblical creation and the worldwide floor. If you're interested in visiting this amazing destination, contact us soon!


Worldview Brief Library

Doctrine of Family

Doctrine of Salvation

Doctrine of God

Doctrine of Life

Doctrine of Scripture

Doctrine of Mankind

Doctrine of Vocation

Doctrine of Government

Doctrine of Sexuality

Doctrine of Mentoring

Secular Humanism

Moral Theology

Briefs are Regularly Added to Our Brief Library for Public Use

Apologetic and Worldview PowerPoints

The PowerPoint files below are available for public use. These files are not eligible for resale or use in classes that cost money to attend due to the occasional copyright of the images contained within them. 

GettyImages-1288913695-230c3b035bce4442b29e1598a492022d (1).jpg

Babies & Eternal Life


Intro to World Religion


Evidence for God


The Resurrection


Daniel Offering Prophecy


Reliability of the NT


Messianic Prophecy


Defending the Faith

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